• On-line registration and Payment
  • Transportation to Ensenada
  • Which hotel location is better? Close to T1 or T2?
  • Packet Pick Up
  • Bike Mechanic and last minute repairs
  • Official Swim Practice
  • Local Training
  • Visiting Ensenada
    • Local Food
    • Currency
    • Security
    • Doctors and Pharmacy
  • Race Day
    • How to move to/from T1 and T2
    • Where to park in T1 and T2
    • Expected Temperature
    • Aid Stations and emergency services
    • T1/T2 Drop Bag and Restrooms
    • Non Drafting Rules
    • Bike mecanic
    • Swim, Bike and Run Limit times


Q: I already registred but I will not be able to participate. Can I change my registration to another Challenge – Family event or be refunded?

A: Yes, you can change your registration to another Challenge-Mexico event, please visit “Waiver and Rules” as there are some restrictions.


Q: Can I have another copy of my receipt?

A: Yes, please email us to info@challenge-baja.com and we will gladly send you a copy of your payment. Please provide us the athletes´ complete name and the email used for registration.


Q: The Registration system is not accepting my credit card. What can I do?

A: some banks have strict anti-fraud rules which block some internet transactions. If we are not being able to process your payment, most liketly this is the reason and in this case, please call your bank and let them know you need them to unblock this purchase for you.




Q: What options do I have?

A: Moving from Tijuana´s International Airport to Ensenada is very easy and you will find several options. The most common and easy way to get there is renting a car or by bus with options leaving directly from the airport. Renting a small/mid size car should be around $20 USD per day inssurance included. One way bus ticket is around $20 USD including your lougage.




Q: Which option is better, close to T1 or T2?

A: Basically depends on what is your preference, between being closer to the start line of finish line. Both places have transportation options groing to and from T1/T2. Close to T2 you will have wider option of hotels.




Q: What do I need to present to pick up my Participation Package?

A: You only need an official ID and follow the instructions that will be provided to you at the expo.


Q: Can someone else pick my Participation Package?

A: No. You have to do it yourself. This is for your own security.




Q: Where and when?

A: Bike mecanic will be available for minor adjustments on the Expo. Prior to the Expo and if you need specific adjustments and repairs for your bike you can wait for the mecanic at the Expo to have some spare time or you can try one of the local bike stores in Ensenada. We recommend Bajadventours in Blancarte 154, Touristic Zone, tel 646 977 1730 which is within 5 minutes walking from T2/Finish area.




Q: Where is the swim practice?

A: Official Swim Practice will take place on Saturday, Dec 1st from 8am to 10am directly at the Marina in Hotel Coral & Marina. There will not be boats on the course and we will have a couple of Kayaks for your comfort, but it is your responsability your security during the swimming practice.




Q: Where I can swim?

A: You can try the small beach on the side of the Marina at the Hotel Coral & Marina. This is a small and protected area but you must NOT go further into the ocean than the Marina entrance/exit; remember boats can get in and out from the Marina at any given moment and they will not assume someone is swiming on their way. Another option is Playa Hermosa in Ensenada´s Bay.


Q: Can I do the bike course?

A: Yes, and we actually recommend you go and test the hills at least to the area known as “El Tigre” and maybe go around the Valle de Guadalupe. Download HERE the GPX file on you smartphone, your bike computer or you watch. You will like it. The bike course will ONLY be closed for traffic on race day. It is a known local circuit for biking however, as with any other highway where you share the road with cars and trucks, common sense precautions must be taken including making your self HIGHLY VISIBLE with high visibiity tail lights (+50 lumens) and ALWAYS ride on your right. Ideally, ride with a group and if possible, have a car/truck following your group.


Q: Can I do the run course?

A: Yes, and you will like it. Download HERE the GPX file on you smartphone, your bike computer or you watch. You will be using the main road on the Boulevard on Race Day but for training purposes you can use the sidewalk in front of the ocean which is wide enough on the most of the circuit. In case you want to do some track miles or do an easy ride with your bike, you can go to Unidad Deportiva Valle Dorado which is open for public access.




Q: Where I can eat?

A: Ensenada´s cousine is very well-known for it´s quality and that you can find an option for almost any budget. You can visit almost any restaurant around the Touristic zone (calle 1ra / Adolfo Lopez Av and around)  and try , for example, the delicious seafood and fish plates at “LA CEVICHERIA”. If you want to try what locals do for a cheap and delicious lunch, you can go to “THE AVIONETA” which is a 5 minutes drive from the main touristic zone in Calle 7ma between Rayón Av and Aldama Av.  There are also standard chain fast food options and almost all international type of restaurants with healthy options including Brazilian Buffet Style, Italian, etc all of them on the Boulevard Costero within walking distance from the Ventana al Mar Plaza. 


Q: Can I pay in dollars or credit card?

A: All type of credit cards (Visa, Mastercard and American Express) are accepted by almost all restaurants and shops.  US dollars are accepted but we recommend you better buy some mexican pesos at Tijuana´s airport for a better exchange rate.  Ex-change rate varies from day-to-day but you can consider a $19.5 MXP per $1.00 USD


Q: How Secure is Ensenada?

A: Ensenada is a big and safe city. Still, and as with any other city that has grown, common sense security best practices must be observed. Take special attention to your bike and DO NOT LEAVE IT UNATTENDED. In case you need to call the police for any reason, always dial 911.


Q: Where I can find a doctors and pharmacies?

A: You will find lots of pharmacies around the touristic zone in Calle Primera and Boulevard Costero. In case you feel sick and feel you don´t need special attention, a simple solution is to visit some of the many pharmacies that offer a very basic medical service for a symbolic fee (they expect you buy the medicine from them). This can be an easy and simple solution for minor problems and a fast way to get medicine. Antibiotics can only be bought with a doctor’s prescription. In case you have an emergency you can call 911 or go directly to Ensenada´s General Hospital open 24 hours at Carretera Transpeninsular and Paseo de la Playa Av





Q: How can I get to T1 Sunday morning?

A: Distance from T1 to T2 is 5Km. If you are staying at any of the Ensenada´s bay hotels, you can take a local taxi to Hotel Coral & Marina. You can drive in case you have a car. You will also have the option of taking our bus service, which will provide transportation leaving from T2 starting at 5am. Last bus will leave at 5:45am. Friends & families are welcome but athlete´s will have preference for accesing the buses.


Q: Where I can park in T1 and T2?

A: If you want to drive and leave your car in T1, there is limited parking space at hotel Coral Marina so must likely you will have to park on the parking lot that will be 200m next to the hotel. If your family/friends want to move from T1 to T2 in your car, that will be possible but traffic cuts will make the 5Km way to T2 somehow longer in time. Once close to T2, we recommend you park close to the Museo Caracol area, which is 300 m away from the Finish line.


Q: What is the expected temperature?

A: First days of december in Ensenada can be defined a little chilly if you come from warm weather. If you have cold winters at home, then temperature will be ok for you. We don´t expect rain but climate change is always a tangible variable around the world. Expected water temperature will be 19 C degrees. Local temperature should start at 19-20 C and raise to 23-24 C.


Q: Aid Stations and emergency services: what to expect?

A: Immediately after you finish the swim leg, you will find a water station. Bike aid stations will be located in strategic points (see Athlete´s Guide) and will provide you with Water, Gatorade and ice to REFILL your bike bottles. Volunteers in the bike course will provide you with help but it is your responsibility to stop and refill your own containers. On the run course, you will also find Ice, Water, Gatorade, Coke, Pretzels, Crackers, Peanut Butter and fresh fruit. Strategic aid stations will have a doctor and all swim, bike and run courses will have immediate access to emergency service with ambulance. 


Q: T1/T2 Drop Bag and Restrooms

A: You will find in T1 a Drop Bag Tent clearly signaled where we will receive your last-minute gear before you start you Swim leg. These bags will be transported to Drop Bag Tent in T2 area where you will be able to pick your belongings. Please don´t leave with us cellular phones, wallets, or hotel keys. Restrooms will be available in T1, T2 and at Km 3.5 of the Run Course.


Q: Non Drafting Rules. What to expect?

A: 113K and Sprint are NON-DRAFTING events.Technical Officials from the Mexican Triathlon Federation will be supervising the Bike Course with motorcyles and video cameras so please be fair and don´t do drafting. If you get penalized, you will clearly informed and you must stop at the closest Penalty Box and report yourself to the official at the tent. Please be aware that you can get a final status of DQ for not following this rule.


Q: What about Bike Mechanic on the bike leg?

A: Yes. Neutral mechanic service will be available and you must wait for it in case you need it. Remember that receiving external help from any other mechanic or any person external to the race staff, will result in a final DQ status. We recommend you carry a basic took kit with spares for basic repairs.


Q: What are the Swim, Bike and Run Limit times

A: You must complete your Swim leg by no latter that 8:30AM. Bike leg must be completed by 1:00 pm with partial cut times on the course (see the athlete´s Guide for specific cut times on the Bike Course). Run Course must be completed by 4:00 pm.

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