The Challenge Baja – Ensenada competition, scheduled to take place on March 10, 2019, is officially canceled. 

The Challenge Baja – Ensenada competition, scheduled to take place on March 10, 2019, is officially canceled. Here is the confirmation of the cancelation of what could have been a GREAT [...]

Important information for Challenge Baja – Ensenada!

November 20, 2018 Dear competitor, local triathletes, sponsors, and sports community: As triathletes and organizers we completely understand the concern and discomfort surrounding the Challenge [...]

Am I ready for my first Challenge event?

Have you contemplated the challenge of race 113k in a triathlon competition like Challenge Family? If you want to try, you should know a few things. Perhaps you are an experienced triathlete, but [...]

Challenge llega a Ensenada, Baja California

Alrededor de mil atletas de 20 países y 16 estados de la República Mexicana son esperados en Ensenada el domingo 2 de diciembre de 2018 para el triatlón de media distancia Challenge Baja – [...]

Welcome to The Championship!

Some triathletes that participated in Challenge San Gil on July 8, 2018 have been prequalified for The Championship that is going to be celebrated in Samorin, Slovakia on 2019. Is your name on [...]

Chance to earn double points in The Challenge Family World Bonus 2019 season at Challenge Baja

While the Challenge Family World Bonus 2018 is still in full swing, new plans for the 2019 edition of the World Bonus are on their way. CHALLENGEFAMILY will celebrate three new races at the end [...]

What is Challenge Family?

Challenge Family is the fastest growing global long-distance triathlon series, which now has two new races in Mexico: Challenge Baja and Challenge Cancun. Challenge Family hosts spectacular [...]

5 Reasons to race Challenge Baja, Ensenada

1.- Ensenada is known as the Cinderella of the Pacific and shares California´s great weather which is perfect for a long distance triathlon. 2.- A spectacular course starting in a private marina [...]

Challenge Mexico arrived!

Challenge San Gil Video 2017