The Challenge Baja – Ensenada competition, scheduled to take place on March 10, 2019, is officially canceled. 

The Challenge Baja – Ensenada competition, scheduled to take place on March 10, 2019, is officially canceled.

Here is the confirmation of the cancelation of what could have been a GREAT EVENT, WHICH WAS NEVER MADE. Unfortunately, the authorities of the destination, directly the offices of Pro Turismo de Ensenada, failed to comply with everything they offered to Challenge Mexico for the realization of the competition, regardless of having given us a written commitment which we attach to this release.

It’s a shame as we were sure that in the medium term this competition could have been one of the most important Triathlon events not only in Mexico, but throughout the Americas.

We want to thank the people who did have the vision to carry out a great TRIATLÓN sporting event in Ensenada. Thanks to Secture of Ensenada for trying to rescue the competition, to the Marketing Committee for its commitment, to the Coral Hotel for offering us its beautiful facilities, and to the other participating Hotels and to the Municipal Government institutions that IF supported the competition, among them to the University CICESE of Ensenada, etc. Thanks to all the people who tried that this project will be carried out. It is a PITY that due to the lack of commitment from the local tourism authorities, the competition has not been able to take place.

A great apology to all the athletes who trusted in us and in this EVENT, in ENSENADA and who like us, saw a great alternative with an event in this city. We will be refunding the registration fees to each one of the participants in the next weeks, or if any of the registered athletes will like to change their competition to any event of Challenge Family in America we would be happy to help on this matter. Truly again we offer a very sincere apology for what happened. We never imagined that with support such as the one mentioned by the President of Pro Turismo when sending this document to Germany to the CEO of Challenge Family, this institution and its directors did not fulfilled what was offered not only to the Organization Committee, but also to the hundreds of athletes from more than 10 countries that were going to accompany us to this event, that was part of the International Challenge Family Series.


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