ITU Competition Rules

Challenge-Baja 113K and Sprint events will follow the ITU competition rules for non-drafting events. A Federación Mexicana de Triatlón (FMTRI) Technical Director with a crew of Technical Officials will supervise the event in all it´s phases. Not starting in your designated wave, not following the course, not using the timing chip or race bib, littering, receiving external assistance and in general not following FMTRI Technical Officials indications will result in a final DQ status. All athletes are expected to compete on a friendly environment respecting each other.

FMTRI membership

All Challenge-Baja 113K and Sprint athletes are required to have the 2019 annual FMTRI membership or pay the $5 USD one-day membership; both options give basic insurance coverage during the race.

Mandatory Meetings

All PRO and Age Group Athletes (113K and Sprint) are required to attend the Athletes Briefing. All meetings will take place at the Hotel Coral and Marina:

  • Pro Athletes: FRIDAY nov 30 @ 5pm
  • Age Group (113K Distance): SATURDAY dec 1st @ 12pm
  • Age Group (Sprint Distance): SATURDAY dec 1st @ 1pm

Non-Drafting Events

Challenge-Baja 113K and Sprint distances are non-drafting events. FMTRI Technical Officials on motorcycles will supervise the Bike Leg; in case you do drafting and you are indicated to do so, you should stop at the closest penalty box.

Race Cancellation Insurance

While completing your registration, you will be asked if you want the Cancellation Insurance which will be you the benefit of receiving a partial cash refund or being able to change your entrance to Challenge-Cancun. All requests must be done in written to Partial Cash refunds can be applied using the following table:

Refund          When to request

100%             4 months and 1 day or more prior to race day

75%               4 months to 2 months and 1 day prior to race day

50%               2 months to 45 days prior to race day

0%                 44 days or less prior to race day

Challenge-Cancun registration transfer can be requested up to 45 days prior to Challenge-Baja Race day.

 Race Waver

In order to receive their competitor package, all Challenge-Baja Athletes will be asked to sign the online and the physical version of the Race Waver during packet pickup.

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